Simone Biles Sits Courtside At Lakers Game With Husband Jonathan Owens - Piggy Offer

1 simone biles and her husband jonathan owens enjoyed a courtside view at the lakers game the star athlete radiated joy and happiness

2 biles an olympic champion took some time off the gym to support her favorite team her presence in the crowd added excitement to the game

3 simones supportive husband jonathan owens proudly stood by her side throughout the game their love and togetherness were evident

4 fans eagerly snapped pictures of the power couple as they cheered on the lakers biles and owens made headlines with their captivating presence

5 as an accomplished athlete herself simone biles understands the importance of taking breaks and enjoying lifes moments this lakers game was just that for her

6 the dynamic duo showcased their fashion sense turning heads with their trendy outfits biles and owens effortlessly stole the spotlight in the stands

7 lakers players couldnt help but notice biles presence in the audience her support inspired them on the court and added an extra touch of motivation

8 media coverage of simone biles and jonathan owens sitting courtside at the lakers game quickly went viral their glamorous appearance captivated the publics attention

9 the lakers game was a memorable experience for simone biles and her husband jonathan owens their affection for each other and love for sports were on full display