1: 1. Grey's Anatomy's Most Confusing Storylines 2. Meredith's unresolved past haunts her. 3. Lexie's unexpected death shocks viewers. 4. Owen's complicated love triangle unfolds. 5. Rebecca/Ava's multiple identities confuse.

2: 1. Arizona's adoption process brings challenges. 2. April's emotional rollercoaster captivates fans. 3. Callie's love life causes drama. 4. George's sudden departure leaves questions. 5. Jackson's family secrets unravel.

3: 1. Cristina's career struggles highlight realism. 2. Amelia's tumultuous relationships surprise. 3. Alex's journey from villain to hero confounds. 4. Richard's hidden paternity shakes things up. 5. Jo's mysterious past reveals itself.

4: 1. Izzie's ghostly appearance stirs emotions. 2. Mark and Lexie's tragic love story resonates. 3. Stephanie's near-death experience shocks. 4. Derek's tragic fate changes everything. 5. Maggie's family discovery rocks her world.

5: 1. Jo's abusive ex-boyfriend storyline resonates. 2. Derek and Meredith's post-plane crash struggles. 3. Miranda's battle with mental health touches. 4. Teddy's romantic entanglements create drama. 5. Miranda and Ben's relationship ups and downs.

6: 1. Amelia's tumor revelation leaves viewers stunned. 2. Maggie's complicated love life confuses. 3. Meredith's community service storyline explores. 4. Owen's complex family dynamics unfold. 5. Meredith and DeLuca's age gap dilemma.

7: 1. Alex's sudden exit leaves fans questioning. 2. Arizona and Callie's co-parenting challenges. 3. Cristina and Meredith's friendship tested. 4. Jackson's struggle with privilege examined. 5. Bailey and Ben's marital woes explored.

8: 1. Amelia and Link's unexpected romance blossoms. 2. Teddy's baby daddy drama unfolds. 3. Meredith's choices in love dissected. 4. Richard's battle with addiction resonates. 5. Catherine's secret illness shocks Grey Sloan.

9: 1. Jo's mental health journey inspires. 2. Season 17's COVID-19 storyline impacts. 3. Amelia's emotional journey through motherhood. 4. Link's paternity doubts create tension. 5. Meredith's return to work after trauma heals.