1: "Dune" - A sci-fi epic with stunning visuals and a captivating story.

2: "Belfast" - A heartwarming coming-of-age tale set during The Troubles in Northern Ireland.

3: "Spencer" - Kristen Stewart's portrayal of Princess Diana is a must-see performance.

4: "The Power of the Dog" - A gripping western drama that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

5: "King Richard" - Will Smith shines in this inspiring biopic about Venus and Serena Williams' father.

6: "Nightmare Alley" - Guillermo del Toro's dark and twisted thriller will leave you spellbound.

7: "Don't Look Up" - A star-studded satire about the absurdity of modern life and media.

8: "The Lost Daughter" - Olivia Colman delivers a powerful performance in this psychological drama.

9: "The French Dispatch" - Wes Anderson's quirky anthology film is a visual feast for the eyes.