1: 10 Longest WWE Title Reigns Discover the wrestlers who held on to the prestigious WWE title the longest. From Roman Reigns to Bruno Sammartino.

2: Roman Reigns The powerhouse wrestler with multiple title reigns, including an impressive streak as Universal Champion.

3: Bruno Sammartino The legendary Italian wrestler who held the WWE title for an astonishing 2,803 days.

4: Pedro Morales The Puerto Rican wrestler known for his historic 1,027-day WWE title reign.

5: Hulk Hogan The iconic wrestler who held the WWE title for a combined total of 2,185 days.

6: Bob Backlund The skilled wrestler with a noteworthy WWE title reign of 2,135 days.

7: John Cena The face of WWE with multiple WWE title reigns, including a reign of 380 days.

8: CM Punk The rebellious wrestler with an impressive WWE title reign of 434 days.

9: Randy Savage The Macho Man with a memorable WWE title reign of 371 days, solidifying his place in wrestling history.